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Gems of Palestine & Israel

Day 1: Arrival in Jerusalem

We’ll be waiting for you at either Ben Gurion Airport or Allenby Bridge to welcome you and transfer you to your hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 2: Jerusalem 

There’s plenty to do and see in this contested city. We’ll go from the twisting alleyways of its old city and fresh aromas of its market to some of the holiest sites in the world.

  • Local Breakfast at the hotel after which we meet you in the lobby between 08:30-09:00AM.
  • Mount of Olives: We’ll start at the top of the mount, where you’ll have a panoramic view of East and West Jerusalem. As we descend from the Mount of Olives we’ll stop by some beautiful sites like the Church of all Nations and the Tomb of Virgin Mary.
  • Al Haram Al Shareef: The golden Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque stand in middle of the temple mount. You’ll be able to pass by them and some other exquisite sites.
  • Lunch: Jerusalem’s Hummus and Falafel can’t be missed. Especially if it’s at one of the city’s best restaurants.
  • Via Dolorosa & the Church of the Holy Sepulcher: This is the path that Jesus walked to the site of his crucifixion and resurrection, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. And you’ll get to walk on it.
  • Old Market of the City: You can spend the afternoon wandering around the souk where you’ll experience the genuine atmosphere of East Jerusalem. It’s also a great place to shop.
  • Eat like a local: The people of Palestine are known to be very friendly and welcoming. Tonight you will try a Palestinian dish with a local family that will also teach you about the culture and traditions.
  • Overnight at the hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 3: Sebastia & Nablus

A day in Nablus is a great chance to learn about Palestinian culture, commerce, produce and even sweets. We’ve planned an exciting day for you.

  • Morning Ride from Jerusalem to Sebastia: Along these 49 Km, you’ll be accompanied by views of Palestinian villages and landscape.
  • Sebastia: When you visit this 10,000-year-old village, you’ll be literally walking through history. It has been conquered by Canaanites, Israelites, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Muslims.
  • Mount Gerizim: The Samaritans have maintained a remarkable and intriguing lifestyle on this mount for thousands of years. It is a truly mind-blowing experience. And a visit to the Samaritan Museum can help you learn all about it.
  • Jacob’s Well: This is the site where Jesus asked a Samaritan woman for a drink and offered her "living water". It lies in the crypt of a Greek Orthodox Church.
  • Lunch: We’ll treat you with an authentic Palestinian lunch so you can be ready and fresh for the Nablus city tour.
  • Old City of Nablus: This is a great place to shop and get some souvenirs. The historic streets of the Souk are filled with local vendors and a wide variety of handcrafts and produce. It has a genuinely uplifting atmosphere.
  • Dinner & Kunafeh: Before trying the famous sweet, ‘Kunafeh’, you’ll get the chance to have dinner at one of Nablus’s best local restaurants.
  • Overnight in Nablus: If you still have some energy before going to bed, you can go to one of the shisha cafes around your hotel. They’re fun and you’ll get to meet some locals.

Day 4: Caesaria – Haifa – Akko

If you’ve been eager to discover the Mediterranean coast, you will relish in this day. The cities that exist on the coastline are nothing short of breathtaking and we’d want you to enjoy it all. Here’s what we’ve planned for you.

  • Morning ride from Nablus to Caesaria: The ride, which is about 47 km, is a great chance to get a glimpse of the political situation as we move from one city to another.
  • Caesaria: If you like the blend of ancient architecture and the sea, then this city will capture your heart. It exists on the shoreline of the Mediterranean and it’s filled with attractions like the Caesarea National Park, the Herodian Amphitheatre and Bathhouse and Promontory Palace.
  • Ride to Haifa: We’ll drive along the Mediterranean coast for around 40 kilometers.
  • Baha’i Shrine: This is Haifa’s most celebrated site. 19 majestic terraced gardens located on the slopes of Carmel Mountain. And to add it, you’ll get a bird’s eyes view of the city and the sea.
  • Lunch in Haifa: This will be your chance to try Haifa's specialties. There’re wonderful.
  • German Colony & Ben-Gurion Street: The German Colony is one of Haifa’s most popular neighborhoods. It’s a lovely place to walk around.
  • Akko: The legendary city of Akko will amaze you with its massive sea walls, historical alleys, old market and authentic vibe. We will make sure to take you through it all.
  • Ride to Tibarias for dinner and overnight

Day 5: Tibarias

The city hugs the shores of the Sea of Galilee and is a perfect blend of nature and history. That’s why we have a busy day planned for you. But it’s nothing short of fun.

  • The Mount of Beatitudes: This is one of the most beautiful and serene places in the Holy land. It overlooks the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. It is believed to be where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount.
  • Boat Tour in the Sea of Galilee: This is one of the must dos when in Tibarias. The boat ride is fun and refreshing. And you’ll have a view of the Golan Heights.
  • Lunch: You can have authentic sea food at one of Tibaria’s best restaurants.
  • Capernaum: An archaeological fishing village that is believed to be the hometown of Saint Peter. It is famous for a reason and you’ll find out why.
  • Tabgha: The site is famous for Jesus’s miracle of Multiplication. Two beautiful ancient churches stand in the area. Church of Multiplication which forms a splendid display of early Christian mosaic and St Peters Church which is famous for a ceiling shaped like an upturned boat. They’re certainly something to marvel at.
  • Dinner & overnight in Tibarias: If you still have energy, you can spend the evening walking by the shores of the lake or exploring the market in the city. Both are beautiful and exciting.

Day 6: Golan Heights – Banias Nature Reserve – Tiberias

Today’s road trip will take you to stunningly beautiful, and historically rich destinations. Be prepared for breathtaking views and untamed green landscape from the Golan heights and Banias Nature reserve.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Ride to Golan Hieghts:  it’s around 40 km and along the way, you will enjoy the beautiful and serene landscape of the area.
  • Mount Bental: The summit of this volcano offers breathtaking views of The Golan, Lebanon, Mt Hermon, and Syria. You’ll get some lifetime photographs from there.
  • Drive to Banias Nature reserve: It will be a short ride but one of the windowpane.
  • Banias Nature Reserve:  Banias spring rises from the base of Mount Hermon and it is the most powerful waterfall in the area.
  • Free time: spend the afternoon walking the trails, exploring the ruins and picnicking in the lush green woodlands between the water springs.
  • Return to the hotel in Tiberias for dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Tibarias - Cana- Nazareth - Tel Aviv - Jaffa

This day has much in store for you. We’ll have a road trip around some of the most exciting sites. First is Nazareth, the home town of Jesus. Then, there is Tel Aviv and Jaffa which form a great mixture of old and new. Our agenda is filled with exciting things. Here they are:

  • Cana & the Wedding Churches: On the way from Tibarias to Nazareth, we’ll stop by Cana, so you can see the site where Jesus turned water into wine and the marvelous church that stands there.
  • Church of Annunciation: One of the highlights of Nazareth. It is where Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce that she would soon be with child. The Church is beautiful and so is its story.
  • Lunch: It will be a delicious treat from Nazareth.
  • Ride from Nazareth to Tel Aviv: The ride is about 85 km during which you’ll get a chance to rest and freshen up before we reach our destination.
  • Tel Aviv: We’ll drive through the city, so that you get a glimpse of its alluring cosmopolitan vibe.
  • Port of Jaffa & Old City: Jaffa isn’t called the ‘Bride of the sea’ for no reason. The port is one of the oldest, most captivating ports around the world. And the alleys of the old city are refreshingly beautiful and filled with old shops, cafés, galleries and bookstores.
  • Beaches: We can’t possibly let you reach the Mediterranean coast without experiencing the sand and its waters. You can spend the rest of your day on one of Jaffa’s remarkable beaches, where you’ll find sun-worshippers, parties and people just chilling out.
  • 75 Km evening ride to Bethlehem for dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 8: Bethlehem & Jericho

The birthplace of Jesus and the oldest city in the world, both in one day. But don’t worry, with our plan, you won’t miss a thing.

  • The Separation wall: It is the contested eight-meter-high barrier that is plastered with murals and graffiti.
  • Walled Off Hotel: be prepared to get amazed by Banksy’s thought-provoking art. 
  • The Church of Nativity: The Church is the exact location where Jesus was born. It is Bethlehem’s main attractions.
  • Lunch: Palestinians are famous for their food and you’ll find out why.
  • Shepherds’ Fields: These are the ancient caves where the shepherds kept watch over their flock, and where the birth of Jesus is believed to have been announced.
  • Afternoon ride from Bethlehem to Jericho: It’s about 30 km and along the way, you’ll find exquisite desert views. It’ll also be an opportunity to re-energize and get ready for Jericho.
  • Monastery of Temptation & Wadi Qelt: Jesus spent 40 days fasting and meditating in this exquisite monastery. We’ll be able to view it along with Palestine’s most loved natural valley.
  • Hisham’s Palace: In this ancient Omayyad Palace, you’ll find splendid architecture and the renowned ‘Tree of Life mosaic’. It’s definitely worth the visit.
  • A Short 30 km ride to Ramallah for an authentic dinner and overnight.

Day 9: Ramallah  

The trendy bars, international restaurants, cultural centers, Museums and overall liberal vibe make Ramallah the cosmopolitan heart of the West Bank. Today’s tour combines the best of this city: Museums, food and nightlife.

  • Local Breakfast at the hotel.
  • The Palestinian Museum: if you’re into Museums and art, this is the place for you. The Museum hosts exhibitions celebrating Palestinian culture and identity.
  • Yasser Arafat Museum:  This museum was built in honor of the late Palestinian leader. It is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of Palestine’s political history
  • Food Crawl: On this walking Tour, you’ll get to taste the most famous Palestinian dishes at the most renowned local places. We’ll walk in the old downtown and hop from one shop to another. We’ll take you to the city’s hidden havens for Shawarma, Hummus, Falafel, kaa’k, Palestinian barbecue & Salads and Mana’esh. You’ll also get to try a variety of traditional desserts along with some Arabic coffee. And for the lovers
  • Fresh fruits and vegetable and authentic atmospheres, the traditional vegetable market with its bustling atmosphere would be waiting for you.
  • Free evening: you can choose to go to one of the many cafes and restaurants of Ramallah and enjoy the nightlife of the city.
  • Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Ramallah.  


Day 10: Departure

After breakfast, we’ll transfer you to the Airport or Allenby Bridge. But if you don’t want to make this your last day, or if you have time before you leave, don’t be shy and ask about our extended and optional tours. We’re always happy to h

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