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Have you met Palestine | 5 Days / 4 Nights

We’ll help introduce you in case you haven’t met! 

With our 4 Nights | 5 Days program, you’ll end up not only meeting but getting to know the country that has mystically captured so many hearts and remained in the spotlight for ages. 

This package allows you to choose the city in which you want to be accommodated, and from which you’ll go on day trips to explore the most popular Palestinian Cities.  

You can either be accommodated in

  • Bethlehem, the Birthplace of Jesus
  • Jerusalem, where Culture and History intertwine 
  • Ramallah, the Cosmopolitan City

On Day 1, Say Hello to the Holy Land! 
Whether you decide to come by plane or the Allenby Bridge, we’ll be waiting for you, to begin your introduction to the unique Palestine and transfer you to your chosen hotel.

On Day 2, Unravel Pages of Timeless History and Culture in Jerusalem & Ramallah (B, D)
Jerusalem, the Cradle of Abrahamic religions is filled with architectural gems and holy sites that await to tell their stories. The alleyways of the old city of Jerusalem take you to Al Aqsa Mosque, Dome of Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, some of the most important sites in Islam and Christianity. Then we walk the route of Via Dolorosa, reach Mount of Olives, visit the Church of all Nations and end with The Kidron Valley and the Tomb of Virgin Mary. And we can’t let you leave Jerusalem without the chance to try its famous Ka’ak, Falafel  & Humus.

To make use of the day, we visit the vibrant Ramallah, to get a taste it busting nightlife and maybe watch a Dabkeh show, a traditional Palestinian Dance.  Overnight at the hotel

On Day 3, Venture on a Spiritual and Sensory Journey in the Holy Bethlehem & Hebron (B,D) 
Walking in the city of Bethlehem means touring through the history and faith of Christianity.  The route begins with same passage of the Holy family through the old city to the Church of Nativity, the exact location where Jesus was born. The city does not fall short of marvelous attractions, like Rachel’s Tomb and Solomon’s pools, a little gem of pine-hidden pools that never fail to amaze. The Milk Grotto, where Saint Mary nursed Christ is also a site not to be missed. For you friends and family back home, the handcrafts of Bethlehem are great souvenirs. 

We later visit Hebron, where hundreds stalls and vendors greet us in the old market that flaunts of a variety of local goods and handcrafts as well as delicious food with their signature dibs, molasses-like syrup that is made from Hebron’s infamous grapes, that can also be tasted in the vineyards of Halhul, a nearby village.   Then History catches up with a visit to the Ibrahimi mosque and the Miraculous Oak of Ibrahim. And what better way to end your day other than with delicious local food, like Maqluba, accompanied by folk music. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4: Embrace the Old in Jericho (B,D)
On the way to Jericho, the most ancient city in the world, you are greeted by serene views of the desert areas. Upon arrival in Jericho, you can visit the Monastery of Temptation, where Jesus spent 40 days and nights fasting and meditating, followed by views of charming hills and lively rivers from Wadi Qelt. The tour continues to a site where annual pilgrimage festivals are held and to a display of splendid architecture, Maqam Al-Nabi Musa "the prophet Moses", then to Hisham's Palace for some ancient architecture and a view of the "tree of life" mosaic. The Jericho Tour concludes at the edge of the Dead Sea, Qumran, the site where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found, then continues into the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth. There you can bath in the water that contains a high content of salt making it inhabitable for any form of marine life. The Dead Sea is also famous for the mud and minerals that are natural healers and skin exfoliates. After this natural therapy, you can enjoy your last night with a vibrant traditional dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

On Day 5, We Say Farewell! 
After breakfast, we end the journey and transfer you to the airport or the Allenby bridge, bidding you farewell at the point where the meeting began. 

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