Day Trips

A DAY to Go Wild

Are You A Lover Of The Outdooors? 

Deserts, mountains, rivers, forests, and rocky valleys await you in Palestine. With Golden Globe Tours, all you have to do is put on your hiking shoes or get your picnic blanket and go wild.

Start with a hike in WADI AL QELT 

The canyon is a natural wonder of towering cliffs and blossoming plants of numerous colors and scents that surround the spring lying at its bottom. The natural reserve is number one on our plan for you in the wilderness.  

Catch a breath by the DEAD SEA

  • Lowest point on earth,
  • Deepest Salt Lake in the world,
  • Mud and Minerals for natural healing and skin exfoliation,
  • Water that make you float instantly.

Can you find a reason not to go?  

End the day with panoramic views in Taybeh 

Named “The Goodly” for the warmth of its inhabitants, this small village perched high above the Judaean Hills; overlooks the Judaean Desert, the Jordan Valley, Jericho and the Dead Sea.  You can enjoy the marvelous view with traditional Palestinian Musakhan. And if a long day in the wilderness hasn’t worn you down …Well, guess what? The town is home to Palestine’s only brewery AND even holds its own version of Oktoberfest al fresco! Drink to that!

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