Day Trips

A DAY to Live Culture

Are You A Lover Of Locals, Traditions And Food?

Delicious food, vibrant festivals, old towns, lively markets, welcoming local people and love for traditions are what make Palestine what it is. A tour with Golden Globe Tours offers you exactly that. 

Wake up in the old town of BIRZEIT

Meaning literally ‘well of oil’, the college town is one of old houses and many year round open-air festivals. Here, you wander through a typical Palestinian morning of lively street scenes and treat yourself to an authentic Palestinian breakfast, like Manakish & Safiha
Bargain in the Markets of NABLUS

The old city of Nablus is filled with the aroma of their infamous soup and the handcrafts that are at the heart of Palestinian culture and are a great idea as souvenirs. It is a sin to leave Nablus without trying Kunafeh, a popular Palestinian sweet that is the expertise of the city.  

Visit the cultural capital, RAMALLAH

The city keeps its visitors busy with coffee shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries, theaters and festivals. It keeps their appetite exhilarated with mouthwatering Shawarma, Kubbah and Baba Ghanoush , keeps them on edge after watching Dabkeh shows, the traditional Palestinian dance, that livens up their spirits. 

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