Day Trips

A DAY to Explore History


Holding a unique status in the world, Palestine has a rich history of conquests and conquers that have left their mark all over the beautiful country. Golden Globe Tours introduces you to the story of Palestine through a tour to its most prominent landmarks. 

Unravel pages of timeless history in Jerusalem 

The Cradle of Abrahamic religions is filled with architectural gems and holy sites that await to tell their stories. The alleyways of the old city of Jerusalem take you to Al Aqsa Mosque, Dome of Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, some of the most important sites in Islam and Christianity. Then we walk the route of Via Dolorosa, reach Mount of Olives, visit the Church of all Nations and end with The Kidron Valley and the Tomb of Virgin Mary. And we can’t let you leave Jerusalem without the chance to try its famous Ka’ak, Falafel  & Humus.  

Explore the Birthplace of Jesus in BETHLEHEM

The Church of the Nativity, the exact location where Jesus was born, is the highlight of Bethlehem. But the city does not fall short of marvelous attractions, like Rachel’s Tomb and Solomon’s pools, a little gem of pine-hidden pools that never fail to amaze. For you friends and family back home, the handcrafts of Bethlehem are great souvenirs. And what better way to end your day other than with delicious local food, like Maqluba, accompanied by folk music. 

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