Live Culture

Delicious food, vibrant festivals, old towns, welcoming local people and love for traditions are what make Palestine what it is. You can experience all of that and more on our tours all over Palestine. 

Meaning literally ‘well of oil’, in which its inhabitants historically stored pressed virgin olive oil, this college town is famous for its old houses and many year round open-air festivals, like Birzeit nights and the Maftoul festival where women form different villages prepare what each believes to be the best Couscous meal in Palestine. 

Touring the streets of the old city of Nablus, you’ll find it filled with the aroma of their infamous soup and their handcrafts that would make great souvenirs for your friends and family back home.  Also, we will not let you miss out on trying Kunafeh, a popular Palestinian sweet that is the expertise of Nablus. And if you’re not tired at night after a long day of touring, you can find yourselves amongst the locals in of the cafes and restaurants enjoying local food and hookah!

Ramallah is the city that will never let you get bored. It keeps its visitors busy with coffee shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries, theaters and festivals. We will recommend for you the best places to go to ensure the best experience and also keep you up to date with numerous festivals held usually in Ramallah’s cultural palace. A visit to Ramallah is never complete without eating Shawarma, Hummus and Falafel and also without watching a Dabkeh show, the traditional Palestinian dance, all of which we will arrange for you according to your schedule.

Meaning the ‘Goodly’, this little quaint town lives up to its name for the hospitality of its people and the dazzling views of the Judaean Desert, the Jordan Valley, Jericho, and the Dead Sea. Taybeh nowadays is home to Palestine’s only brewery, The Taybeh Brewing Company. The plant introduces visitors to sampling tours of its exquisite hand crafted micro-brewed beers as well as its fine selection of locally brewed liquors, spirits and wines. Keeping up with a world trend, the town itself hosts its own picturesque version of Oktoberfest during a two-day festival held in October.

This small charming village is surrounded by countless groves of fig, olive and apricot trees. With its quiet demeanor and mild climate, Jifna is a popular summer destination where visitors enjoy a variety of outdoor restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. It also hosts its annual two-day Apricot Festival held in the first week of May.

The old market in Hebron is an antiquated gallery of alleys displaying numerous shops and stalls. Colorful and warm vendors would parade their wares for visitors to choose. If vibrant culture is what you’re looking for, we will definitely make sure you experience it in Hebron. There you’ll find a variety of local goods ranging from elegant pottery, blown glass, finely carved olivewood figures, and aromatic spices, to locally manufactured leather shoes. Also, their delicious dibs, molasses-like syrup made from Hebron’s signature grapes, is not to miss. The city boasts also of its grape produce and holds The Annual Palestinian Grape Festival in the town of Halhoul which Lasts from September to October. Whatever activity tempts you in Herbron, we will make sure you experience it.