Learn Politics

What a better way to learn about the political situation in Palestine other than touring around it to understand. We offer a chance for tourists to learn about the political circumstances by providing tours all around Palestine.

Jerusalem - Ramallah 
Now considered the commercial, business and cultural center of the West Bank, the city has been at heart of the political conflict between Palestine and Israel. Today it is the headquarters of the Palestinian authority. In order to understand the political situation, we provide tours that give a glimpse of the Israeli policies in East Jerusalem, like the separation barrier, checkpoints, settlements, and home demolitions, which the visitors can witness during the trip. Also the tour includes visiting the Muqata’a area (government compound) with the mausoleum of the late Yasser Arafat, the city, and maybe a refugee camp depending on your requests. 

Hebron is a city of frequent conflict between Palestinians and Israeli settlers; hence we believe it is a good opportunity to learn about the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Currently there are 27 Israeli settlements in the Hebron district, which the tour given information about along with the by-pass roads, travel restrictions and the refugee camps nearby. The tour will also showcase the living situation and friction in the city of Hebron through walk through its market and the old city where approximately 400 settlers live, under the protection of Israeli soldiers, among 150,000 Palestinians. However, the city is safe for tourists as they have always been welcomed. 

In the tour, Nablus city will unravel a potential that has been wasted by invasions, checkpoints and curfews. In the past, Nablus was a major commercial, industrial and agricultural center in the northern west bank but due to restrictions, the city’s economy had been severely damaged. However the tour will still give you a glimpse of what could have been by visiting a soap factory and famous old city which is a large market and residential area, whose cultural heritage has been severely damaged by Israeli forces.

When you visit Qalqilya, you will see how the people of a city live encircled within Israel’s separation wall. The city can be accessed through one military checkpoint and around 80% of its population are registered as refugees. The people’s main livelihood comes from agriculture; however they face many problems due to access restriction to their lands beyond the barrier, closure and curfews. In this visit, you will also get the chance to see the numerous Israeli settlements that have been built on confiscated Palestinian lands. We will also provide information on the Israeli policies and history of the conflict in the area.

We can also arrange tours to many of the refugee camps in Ramallah in order to learn about their life and situation.