Go Wild

Uniquely diverse, Palestine’s landscape is in itself an enchanting tourist attraction that combines deserts, mountains, rivers, forests, and rocky valleys. For nature lovers, there are many hiking trails and picnic areas awaiting you. All you have to do is put on your hiking shoes or get your picnic blanket and go wild. 


  • Ein Kenya
    Ein Kenya, or the “Kenya’s spring,” is one of best places for walking, picnicking and hiking.  It’s blessed with a variety of plants, birds and a natural spring that has lent it its name.
  • Jifna
    This small scenic village is famous for its outdoor restaurants, bars and cafés. It is surrounded by lovely hills and endless groves of apricot, fig, and olive trees. If you wish to combine a delightful afternoon saunter with local amenities, this is definitely the place.
  • Aboud
    An ancient picturesque village, Aboud is where you can climb hills covered in millennial olive trees, with luxuriant fig trees providing a shade to its streets.
  • Taybeh
    Renamed “The Goodly” by Saladin for the warmth of its inhabitants, this predominantly Christian town, perched high above the Judaean Hills; offers visitors a panoramic bonus as it overlooks the Judaean Desert, the Jordan Valley, Jericho and the Dead Sea. And if you’re not satisfied with a long day’s hiking and trekking…Well, guess what? The town is home to Palestine’s only brewery AND even holds its own version of Oktoberfest al fresco! Drink to that!


  • Wadi Qelt
    Wadi Qelt is a rocky valley at the gates of the Judaean Desert. Its spectacular views comprise a canyon with towering cliffs and green vales at its bottom. In the spring, the area becomes especially alluring with blossoming plants bursting in hundreds of colors and scents. This is a treat for hikers!
  • The Dead Sea
    This impressive body of water boasts the record for being the lowest point on earth, it is the deepest salt lake in the world and it is the saltiest body of water on earth with a salinity that is almost 10 times higher than that of the ocean! The Dead Sea’s mineral-rich mud is renowned for having medicinal attributes that range from healing skin illnesses, to chronic ailments such as arthritis. You can either enjoy a good soothing mud massage on its beaches, or you might as well bask under the sun while gently floating on the surface of the highly dense water. With all the invigorating powers of its waters, the Dead Sea is a real life giver!


  • Mar Saba
    Overlooking the scenic Kidron Valley, Mar Saba is an ancient Greek Orthodox monastery considered by many to be the oldest in the world. It is perched high above a cliff offering visitors an extraordinary view of the surrounding landscape. 
  • Artas
    Meaning ‘Garden of Eden’, this little quaint village might as well be a part of heaven with its breathtaking views. It is also famous for many ruins and its annual Artas Lettuce Festival. The village is a must for travelers seeking to experience typical Palestinian rural life as well as those interested in ecotourism.


  • Wadi Qana
    Referred to as “Paradise on Earth”,  this is Palestine’s most alluring natural reserve, replete with fertile hills and valleys, countless groves of millennial trees and endless growths of aromatic medicinal shrubbery. Several springs water the area and converge to form a year-round stream flanked by lush citrus trees. A frozen scenic expanse of ancient nature, Wadi Qana is a wonderful experience for hikers and lovers of the outdoors.


  • Mount Gerizim
    The mountain is one of the highest peaks in the West Bank and is the ancestral home of the Samaritan Jews whose village is just below the summit. On special occasions, visitors may come to witness their colorful yet solemn rituals recalling thousands of years of intact history.