Beyond Palestine

Located on the Mediterranean shoreline, Haifa is a fascinating city of history and magnificent scenery, a city whose sandy beaches welcome sun lovers and sea worshipers. Our customized tours to Haifa aim to ensure that you get the exact experience you are looking for in this marvelous city.  

  • Louis Promenade
    Called "The balcony of the country", it is a marvelous place to walk where you indulge your senses with fresh air and the superb view of Haifa Bay. 
  • The Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery
    Situated high above Haifa and Reached by Cable car, the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery is believed to be one of the oldest monasteries on the world, with the stunning views of the bay. 
  • The Baha’i Shrine and Gardens
    This world heritage site draws over half a million tourists each year. It consists of 19 majestic terraced gardens located on the slopes of Carmel Mountain.
  • The German Colony and Ben-Gurion Street
    Framed by the beautiful Baha’i Gardens and the sea, the German Colony is one of Haifa’s most popular neighborhoods which is home to the city’s best dining and shopping.
  • Wadi Nisnas Market
    Narrow alleyways and old stone houses compromise this exotic eastern market, filled with the scent of the falafel stands. It is also a wonderful opportunity to practice your bargaining skills while purchasing from the stalls offering Jewish and Arab artisan wares. Famous for its Arabic Character, the market is a wonderful opportunity to explore food and art. 
  • Elijah’s Cave
    At the foot of the Carmel Mountain lies Elijah’s Cave where the Prophet Elijah is believed to have lived. Holding a religious significance for Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze alike, the cave is inside a lovely adorned, domed roof chapel. 
  • Haifa Beaches
    Seaside outing is a wonderful activity in the area especially with the beautiful sandy stretches of the Mediterranean in the city. Bat Galim and Dado are one of the most popular beaches in Haifa. 

The legendary city that was able to stop Napoleon Bonaparte’s army with its fortifications, Acre is definitely a treat for history lovers. We can take you on a journey in this mighty town of picturesque stone architecture that juxtaposes the serene Mediterranean. 

  • Fortifications
    Walk around the incredible surviving walls of Acre that wrap around the old city and enough wonderful hues of Acres skyline.
  • Ahmed El Jazzar Mosque
    With its unique green domes, it is an Ottoman Mosque with tall slender minarets, a fine example of Turkish Rococo architecture.  
  • Citadel
    A Former prison during the British mandate, today it houses the museum of underground prisoners. 
  • St John’s Church
    Dedicated to St. Andrew, it is Acre’s most picturesque Church, with its white walls and red bell towers that create a beautiful juxtaposition with the stone walls beneath. 
  • Acre Harbor
    A small tranquil fishing harbor, home to local fishing and yachts, a beautiful place for a walk to experience an important part of Acre’s identity throughout history. 
  • Bahje Baha’i Center
    Beautiful Gardens that contain the shrine of Bahu Ullah, the founder of the Baha’i faith. It is a stunning site and a tranquil place for an afternoon wander. 
  • The Turkish Bath House
    One of Acre most important attractions, adorned with colorful tiled walls, is now home to an interesting museum that exhibits the history of the Turkish Bath experience. 
  • The Old City market
    A colorful vibe of local life, the market is a great opportunity for getting fresh produce, cheap eats, buckets of spices, and souvenirs.

Our tours in the city that hugs the Sea of Galilee will not disappoint. Tiberias is a perfect blend of nature and history with its enchanting hot springs, beautiful beaches and ancient Christian and Jewish Holy sites. 

  • Beaches
    Located on the shores of the country’s only freshwater lake, Tiberias offers a range of 10 beaches to choose from. They are also perfect for a waterside stroll. 
  • Tiberias-Hammat | Hot springs
    Popular since Roman times, Tiberias hot springs are a great place for having a bath and also to catch up on the history of the fourth century synagogue right next door. 
  • Arbel National Park
    It is a perfect place for nature lovers and for hikers to hit the trial while witnessing some historic sites and majestic views of the Eastern Galilee and the Sea of Galilee. 
  • Church of the Twelve Apostles
    It is a beautiful red-domed church along the Sea of Galilee. Its green garden is a lovely spot for escaping midday sun. 
  • Yardenit
    A popular spot for pilgrims, Yardenit, which is located near the headwaters of the Jordan River, is a wonderful opportunity for a dunk in the famous river’s water.

Tel Aviv- Jaffa 
We take you on a frenzy of Middle Eastern smells, a mixture of old and new and eastern culture flavored with Europe, the city of Jaffa, known as ‘bride of the sea’, is linked to Tel Aviv by a common municipal government, however it is worlds away from the modern metropolis of Tel Aviv.

  • Beaches
    Enjoy the sandy stretches of the Mediterranean where you’ll find sun-worshippers, posers, parties and people just chilling out. The most popular beaches are Gordon, Frishman and Banana Beach. 
  • The Old Town Jaffa
    It is an old Arab port town with its dazzling stone architecture. The town is famous for its vibrant character, its Bazaar Area and flea market. The St.Peters monastery and the old port area are wonderful places to visit. Jaffa provides a tranquil background for a stroll within its old-fashioned charm. 
  • The Promenade Park
    Turned from a wild collection of waste into a beautiful green space framed by the sea. The Park includes sandy beach, picnic area and outdoor workout equipment. There you can meet a variety of locals from groups of traditional Arab women with their children to young Jaffa citizens riding bikes along the wide boardwalk.
  • Centers of cross-cultural heritage
    Many influential centers aiming to balance between the different religions and races in the country reside in Jaffa. For example, the Peace Center and the Arab Jewish Community Center offer an interesting glimpse of the situation in Palestine.
  • The Station
    After decades of neglect, the historic station connecting Jaffa and Israel had been restored into a center for culture, shopping and dining.