About Palestine

The story that is Palestine has been told and retold throughout the centuries.  Prophets have made Palestine their home, crusaders sought to make it theirs, historians have been eager to record its history, explorers its nature and traveler’s its culture. The most current stop in the story of Palestine is its ongoing struggle with Israeli occupation. Being one of the gems of the Middle East, what makes Palestine unique is its status as the cradle of Abrahamic religions and its rich history of conquest and conquers that have left their mark all over the beautiful country whose nature can simply amaze. Palestine is also a symbol of resilience that extends an olive branch for the world to come and see. It is a country of poets that have forever longed for peace and of people who love their culture and traditions and hold on to them with all their might. In Palestine, you find the most wonderful contradictions; modern cities juxtaposed with old towns where the aroma of bazaars, markets and delicious food fills the boulevards and where people learn how to coexist in the most unusual conditions.