The Statue of Liberty, Las Vegas, Elvis, Disney, Hollywood, The Mississippi...Names and places which conjure up in the imagination of millions when the mere mentioning of this country passes their ears. The world’s most dynamic, most innovative, most everything...No matter what we write, it would still be insufficient to describe what the USA has to offer travellers of all tastes and budgets. One of the largest countries in the world, the United States boasts some of the world’s most attractive, exciting sites and sights; nowhere can be seen so much geographical and cultural diversity than in this kaleidoscopic nation: from the East, New York, Boston and Washington DC; to the south Miami, Houston, and Santa Fe; to the north and centre Cleveland, Chicago and Nashville; to the west Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego; and to the northeast Seattle and Portland...Big cities with even bigger attractions. But not all is steel, glass and night-life; the USA has also some of the world’s most fantastic geographic wonders like the Grand Canyon, the impressive Rockies with the USA’s version of St. Moritz—Aspen; New England in the northeast with its fiery fall canopies; the southeast with its Caribbean beaches and the Everglades; the south with the Sonora Desert; the west with California and its Mediterranean climate; the Great Plains with endless miles of cultivated fields; and then there’s Hawai’i in the Pacific with all the grace and marvel of its colourful beaches. To the far north is Alaska, with its magnificent mountain ranges and unique wildlife. Rest assured—any place you set foot on, you will not be disappointed by any means.  

  • Los Angeles:
    or “City of Angels” in Spanish, is the largest metropolis on the West Coast. But trust us, this city is more than what angels can handle—all the allure and attractions have made the city one of the most cosmopolitan on Earth. Skyscrapers, sumptuous shops, posh restaurants, and miles of boulevards are just a fraction of what this city is all about. Take the time to visit Chinatown and experience a vibrant walk through rich oriental culture and excitement; or maybe go to Sunset Boulevard to shop with the stars (perhaps even meet one!); or the Chinese Theatre, venue of Oscars and other renowned film festivals. Of course, who can forget! Hollywood! Yes! The factory of dreams, glamour, celebrities, intrigue, action, love, sci-fi and everything that pours through that silver screen in your living rooms. Nearby is Beverly Hills, where the actors and actresses, the rich and famous, glitter from their lavish villas surrounded by palms swinging at the breeze of fame and decadence. Of course, there’s Venice Beach where all daytime and night-time excitement takes place, and of course, who can forget everything else the city is famous for, like its frenetic life of traffic jams, multiracial crowds sweeping the streets, and of course, the food, the fun and culture. If you wish you might as well do the effort and pass by the Disneyland Resort in nearby Anaheim and simply have the distinction of having had the best of LA: Hollywood, shopping, dining, and a kiss with Mickey Mouse!
  • New York:
    The world’s centre of business—of money, in a nutshell. “The Big Apple”. The first thing that comes to mind is of course that stone lady with her torch up high signifying freedom—The Statue of Liberty. So much has been said and written about this powerhouse of the world that no one can even begin to start! But as consolation, you might start with this: it said that standing 1 minute at the nearest crossing on Fifth Avenue means having seen nearly all races on the planet passing by...No exaggeration, New York has always been a mega-magnet for immigrants, visitors, businessmen, artists and politicians from all over the globe. And as such, New York has gained such an enormous reputation and international renown that it is somehow impossible to imagine a USA—or even a world—without it. Manhattan is where the money of the world is exchanged, tossed, gained or lost within the neurasthenic trading of Wall Street; Central Park, by contrast, is the city’s green, peaceful heart where jogging or strolling takes place only yards away from the frenzied life of this vibrant city. There’s of course Times Square and Broadway where many theatres offer hundreds of performances, ranging from Shakespeare and Shaw, to O’Neill and Miller. There are also endless shopping sectors like the famed Fifth Avenue, and hundreds of cafes all mushrooming around the forest of steel and glass skyscrapers and exclusive apartment buildings. Broadway’s theatres, The Metropolitan Museum, concert halls like Carnegie, the Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, Washington Square Park, Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty; the Rockefeller Centre and its famed Christmas lights, the simple act of having a hot dog in any one of its streets, or just walking down by one of them makes visiting New York a must for all bucket lists. Entertaining, exciting, diverse, dynamic, and above all, super!!