South Africa

“Diamonds are forever” as the song goes…South Africa was first looked upon as a rich diamond mine, but it had later become a diamond in itself: the most cosmopolitan country in the continent, South Africa is home to hundreds of nationalities, cultures, cuisine, sports…Ah, and nature! Who can forget?! Safaris!! Not only is South Africa a rich, industrialized country; it is also a major centre for natural preserves and wildlife. A journey into Kruger National Park will take you to see the king of the jungle and his ‘subjects’—the famed African fauna, from elephants and giraffes, to zebras, ostriches, and rhinos. The land of Mandela, of freedom, warmth, and modernity opens up its doors to anyone interested in the majestic nature and vibrant city life of this African country.

  • Johannesburg:
    South Africa’s largest city and major financial centre, Johannesburg is a thrilling city of skyscrapers, modern cafes and restaurants, and above all, a magnet for those who love the outdoors—it’s the gateway to Africa’s most legendary of adventures—safaris! Only being at a short distance, Kruger National Park offers the opportunity to interact and observe some of Africa’s most emblematic wildlife: elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras…And on return, there’s a marvelous skyline shining below the stars.
  • Cape Town:
    Named in 2014 as “the best place in the world to visit” by the New York Times and The Daily Telegraph, Cape Town is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Offering visitors a good climate and excellent, well-developed infrastructure, the city boasts with hotels and shopping malls; but by far, the most impressive of attractions is driving to its nearby hills and mountains to witness the imposing, breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic bathing the white, crystalline coast. Driving along Chapman’s Peak Drive or Signal Hill will take you up, close to the sky, or if you would, go down and walk through the streets of the brightly colored Bo-Kaap quarter to witness the city’s warm multiculturalism and be closer to awesome!
  • Durban:
    Recognized in 2015 as one of the world’s “New7Wonders Cities”, Durban is South Africa’s largest port, major manufacturing centre, and, if you’re looking for sun, sand and great, the top African beach destination. With it crystalline beaches, numerous resorts, casinos (some rivaling Vegas, and yes, Monte Carlo!) posh shopping streets, cinemas, and endless water-sports and attractions, Durban is one anyone’s African tour bucket-list.