Dazzling shorelines and colourful sights…Over a thousand islands await the traveller with hundreds of water sports, relaxing beaches, and immense culture.

  • Manila:
    A huge forest of sky-rise highs and lots of bustling, Manila is the perfect metropolis for city lovers. You can explore the key sights in and around Intramuros, the city’s only notable historical enclave, Manila Bay and Makati in a few days. Manila also prides itself on the quality of its restaurant scene, nightlife and the ability of its residents to whip up a good time. For many tourists, this will be their enduring memory of the place: fabulous food, funky bars and nightclubs in areas such as Malate and Makati. And don’t forget, Manila is still a great place to pick up bargains, from the latest goods cranked out by Chinese factories to intricate native handicrafts.
  • Luzon:
    From diving with whale sharks in crystalline waters to trekking surrounded by explosions of greenery, the south of the country offers travellers great beaches and the opportunity to mingle with nature and culture alike.