Thinking about honeymooning? How about having a tropical island (nearly) to yourself? This is Asia’s smallest country, but make no mistake about it—it’s large enough to make your vacation huge! This conglomeration of archipelagos gathers some of Asia’s most beautiful beaches. The island-nation, with its hundreds sea-side resorts, is the last refuge of the sea-loving vacationer— it’s the paradise for diving, swimming, fishing (game fishing being one of the world’s most renowned), windsurfing and water skiing. And when we said you can nearly have an island to you own, we didn’t exaggerate— almost each of The Maldives’ archipelagos is a resort on its own. With white-sanded beaches, crystal clear waters, palm trees swinging to the soft breeze of the sea, and a charming hospitality, The Maldives is the little chillaxing giant of Asia.