Wedged amidst so much upheaval is this friendly, modern and relatively peaceful oasis with a geographically colorful profile of deserts, mountains, tranquil beaches, and lush forests; of modern high-rise cities, and historical sites attesting to the graceful fancy of ancient civilizations. A bridge for many ancient cultures, Jordan features Nabataean, Greek, Roman, and Islamic sites. And in spirituality, the country bears the Biblical name of the river where Jesus himself was baptized. Jordan is also a stone throw’s from Israel, Palestine, Egypt, and to the southeast, the new tourist mecca, Dubai. 

  • Amman:
    All begins here: the capital and Jordan’s largest city. It is a Westernized metropolis of high-rise buildings, sumptuous avenues, mega malls, trendy shops, fine restaurants, theatres, museums, and above all, an unmatched warmth and hospitality. 
  • Petra:
    One of the ‘New Seven Wonders’ is the ancient Nabataean city of Petra, a 2000-year-old city carved from pink sandstone cliffs. The architecture is just an exquisite work of ingenuity that easily captivates visitors.
  • Aqaba lining the northern shores of the Red Sea
    is the port city of Aqaba, packed with relaxing, high-end resorts offering some of the best water sports in the Middle East. Watch a bit closer to the west and you’ll be in its sister’s turf, Israel’s Eilat.
  • Jerash:
    This is one of the few Middle Eastern cities built by the Romans that is still standing…and functioning! Watch its yearly cultural and music festivals that combine liveliness and rhythm against a stupendous backdrop of Roman grandeur. And year-round is when you can see scheduled Roman battles being staged with actors and props properly dressed and designed in Roman-era attire. More vivid and you’ll think it’s Julius Caesar himself appearing from behind the curtains. 
  • Wadi Rum:
    The classic Middle Eastern desert scenery, the most romantic sunsets casting their last rays of gold upon towering cliffs and rocky valleys, Wadi Rum is one of those few places left where natural charm and a yearning for past glories combine to produce an unforgettable landscape. 
  • The Dead Sea:
    Shared by Israel and Palestine as well, visitors can enjoy a healthy dose of its legendary medicinal mud at any one of the high-end resorts lining its shores, or, just buoy placidly before a relaxing massage at any of the resorts’ spas.