The legendary land of the Pharaohs, the Pyramids, and above all, the gift of The Nile. Yes, Egypt is one of Africa’s largest countries in terms of size and people, but it the largest in the continent—and probably in the world—in terms of culture and history. Egypt has been for centuries the primary destination of adventure seekers and lovers of ancient, bygone eras carefully kept in the thousands of monuments, some as colossal as the Pyramids at Giza, or some as legendary like the famed Alexandria Lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. A visit to Egypt is stepping into a time machine that would take visitors to the cradle of human civilization. But not all is rich history and mummies (though they are quite seldom seen!); Egypt is home to some of Africa’s most fashionable resorts, like world renowned Sharm El Sheikh, or bustling metropolises like Cairo, or its more refined, composed sister, Alexandria, with its many shopping malls, cafes, promenades and public parks. Visiting Egypt is like taking the best of both worlds, old and new. 

  • Cairo:
    Setting aside the bustling, and often times, cacophonous life of this African megacity, Cairo is one of the most visited metropolises in the world. For the lover of history, this urban giant is home to the Egyptian Museum, one of the most famous in the world. Housing thousands of ancient artifacts, the museum is home to an immense collection of well-preserved items that record Ancient Egypt in its entire splendor. You can also hope on a ride to visit Giza, where the towering pyramids have stood attesting to the greatness of Egyptian Pharaohs. And for the lovers of city dining and adventures, no one will be disappointed with the hundreds of shops, cafes, restaurants and exotic bazaars, like Khan El Khalili. Cairo, aside from traffic and crowds, is well worth the dime!
  • Alexandria:
    Alexander the Great’s beloved city, this is a far cry from Cairo’s busy, traffic-jammed avenues: lying on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast, Alexandria is a rather lavish metropolis filled with elegant theatres, extensive gardens, an excellent museum rivaling that in Cairo, and endless promenades lined with shops and cafes, giving this ancient marvel of civilization a rather European air spoused with that unique Middle Eastern taste. No visit to Egypt is concluded without setting foot on this exquisite Mediterranean gem.  
  • Sharm El Sheikh:
    If you’re looking for sand and sun against a backdrop of posh, welcoming resorts, this is the place. Submerge in the warm waters of the Red Sea and discover an endless delight beneath the waves. And in the evening, splurge at any of the resort’s classy, world-renowned restaurants.
  • Luxor:
    Known as the “world’s greatest open-air museum”, Luxor is a standing marvel from the ancient world. Replete with temples, palaces and hundreds of colossal monuments, Ancient Egypt’s capital attracts people all over the world to stand in owe at the splendor and haughtiness of this once majestic metropolis of the Pharaohs.