Dubbed “The Pearl of the Antilles”, the island is one of those rare gems where one can wonder how it was…and experience it in the flesh. Salsa runs in the air amidst colorful streets, picturesque towns, and edifices that have stood the test of time and politics. Cuba is a great spot for lovers of The Caribbean, those who look for excitement, warmth, and a charming profile that combines well-preserved relics and dynamism: American vehicles from the 50’s run like any Toyota today, fine restaurants with a touch of unique Caribbean taste, and of course, the enduring beauty of an extensive shoreline lined with kiosks, excitement and music. 

  • Havana:
    Havana is charming city, with a richly diverse architecture: Art Deco theatres; and taxi drivers in half-century old American guzzlers, all of this happening right before a string of Neoclassical shop fronts attesting to a grand colonial past,  thus lending Havana that unique Caribbean flavour, a sort of magic so special, so enchanting. By far, the most attractive sections of Havana are its old city, or Habana Vieja; the most emblematic oceanfront boulevard, the Malecón ; and  Vedado, the heart of the city with its Plaza surrounded by  theatres, cabarets, nightclubs and cinemas. A few miles away lies the very essence of Havana—of Cuba itself—the immense Plaza de la Revolución. Beyond it are some of Havana’s most stylish restaurants and best music venues mushrooming amongst old colonial streets and new avenues, all of which lend the entire city a well-deserved spot in anyone’s tourist bucket list.   
  • Santiago de Cuba:
    Near Cuba’s mountainous regions in the south lies this dreamy city rich with colonial heritage seen at every corner. The city is a magnet for visitors in love with Caribbean rhythms like Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha, Trova, and Bolero. Along the coastline around the city is the towering coastal fortification of El Morro and the Gran Parque Natural Baconao. Nearby lies El Cobre, a little picturesque town home to one of the Cuba’s most important churches, itself housing the highly venerated relic of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre. Further west are the Sierra Maestra heights, where Fidel Castro and his rebels launched their historic assault, precisely to make history and what Cuba is today—a pearl kept in time and charm…regardless.