No wonder it was described once as the “jewel of the British Empire”—with a tremendous pluralism, immense cultural heritage, and huge population, India might as well be described as the Jewel of Asia! Home to the Indus Valley Civilisation, India is a culturally rich country where no visitor is bound to boredom. No, sir. Impressive monuments to love like the legendary Taj Mahal, towering fortresses like the Agra Fort, the bustling commercial centres at Mumbai and Delhi, or the most romantic natural getaways like the mountains and valleys of Kashmir; India is simply an immense collection of exciting sights, rich culture, extraordinary cuisine, and above all, adventure. 

  • Delhi:
    The largest city in India, Delhi is an immense collection of urban clusters that offer visitors an equally immense array of attractions full of rich culture and fun. Connaught Place is Delhi’s commercial and financial hub, attracting not only investors, but also thousands of visitors who do their shopping at Palika Bazaar, a colorful and traditional market. A stroll through Lodhi Gardens takes you to a fabulous site of grand mausoleums of impressive architectural heritage. You can also visit Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi’s most imposing edifice built to house the garden tombs of India’s famed Mughal emperors. Last but not least is the Red Fort, right in the centre of Delhi. This fortress is where India’s Prime Ministers preside over the colorful “national flag” parade on Independence Day.
  • Agra:
    This wonderful city combines two of India’s most remarkable icons of architectural achievement and monumental beauty: the legendary Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. What can be said of the Taj Mahal except that a visit to India is never complete without visiting this ultimate testament to love and beauty? And what’s more delightful is that, only 2.5 kms away, is the Agra Fort, the magnificent imperial residence of India’s Mughal rulers.  
  • Jaipur:
    Known as the “Pink City of India”, Jaipur is in India’s famed ‘Golden Triangle’, which includes Delhi and Agra, themselves replete with architectural jewels and hundreds of attractions. Jaipu hosts magnificent palaces and temples, like Hawa Mahal and Galtaji. 
  • Mumbai:
    Named an alpha world city in 2009, and hosting the largest number of billionaires in India, it’s no wonder Mumbai is known as India’s richest city. With a high standard of living, tremendous business hubs, Mumbai is a magnet for expats and visitors alike. Get the feel of Hollywood by visiting its Asian sister, Bollywood, and admire India’s famed film industry hub. Mumbai is also replete with shopping malls, galleries, theatres, and cinemas. You can also visit Girgaum Chopatty, Mumbai’s ‘Copacabana’ version of the famed beach in South America.
  • Kashmir:
    With astounding mountains and valleys, Kashmir is, simply put, the Asian Alps. Bordered by the towering Himalayas, Kashmir is a truly romantic abode of nature’s lovers: visit the gorgeous Pahalgam Valley or Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain on Earth. Srinagar, the capital, and nicknamed “Venice of the East”, is a city of lakes, palaces, temples, and fabulous gardens. Srinagar becomes stunning during spring and summer.