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Entry Regulations: Ben Gurion Airport

The Government has announced that all foreign aircraft to Ben Gurion will be prohibited as of Tuesday, January 26th until January 31st (including).


Passengers who are allowed to enter the country


Until further notice, entrance is allowed:


  • Nationals and Permanent Residents of Israel. 
  • To non-Israeli passport holders only if they are family members of an Israeli citizen.
  • Only non-Israelis passengers who have a special specific entry approval from the population and immigration authority will be allowed. 
  • Palestinians are not allowed to enter without permission.  
  • Transit passengers are not allowed. All passengers arriving in TLV must go through passport control in TLV. 


COVID-19 measures


All incoming passengers must go through registration by the Ministry of Health:


  • A checkpoint will be available by the Ministry of Health for registration on home or governmental isolation.  
  • Random COVID -19 checks may be performed in case of symptomatic passengers.
  • All arriving passengers will go under a temperature check.  
  • All passengers (all ages) who have stayed more than 72 hours in a territory outside of Israel must present one of the following documents to the airline representatives before boarding: 

    1. A medical certificate with a negative COVID-19 PCR test result was issued no more than 72 hours before the estimated boarding time. The Certificate must include the PCR test method used: PCR/ RT-PCR/ Q-PCR, The personal data of the traveler: first and last name, ID number or Passport number, and date of issuance of the PCR test.  
    2. Transit passengers must present before boarding the flight to Israel a medical certificate with a negative COVID-19 PCR test result issued not more than 72 hours before their first flight estimated boarding time.
    3. A valid Vaccine certificate - seven days after receiving the second vaccine. 
    4. Special approval from the Israel Ministry of Foreign affairs  


Passengers who do not present one of the above documents shall not be authorized to board the flight.  


In addition to the above:


  1. Passengers should provide approval for submitting an online health declaration on the Israeli ministry of health website and presenting the airline one of the above documents.
  2. All passengers (Israeli citizens, Israeli residents, and foreign passengers) arriving in Israel shall undergo mandatory isolation for 14 days on entry into the state. They must submit the form.
  3. All passengers arriving or departing to/from Israel need to fill in the following Eplf not more than 24 hours before their flight. Please note that this is a mandatory obligation: