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Now is time to consult your Travel Advisor!

11 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Agent during and after Covid-19

During this Pandemic, several countries are carefully relaxing restrictions, and are opening their borders to travelers. Governors are planning healthy & safety measures strategies to ensure visitors protection at diverse attractions, restaurants, tours, transportation, and on the airplane. 

Due to the continued lockdown imposed globally, people are now shifting their thoughts to the time when the tourism industry commences and starts to recover. However, when this happens, it will be a new era for travel and tourism, with new rules and standards. Travelers will need to be reassured they will be safe and will get the most out of their money. Consequently, the best thing they can do is to ask for help from a travel advisor, who will provide them the best possible recommendations using fresh and new approaches. 

The majority of travel specialists are working in travel agencies, they can coordinate and book all travel arrangements for individuals, groups, and businesses.  The main benefits of booking through a professional travel specialist during and after the pandemic are:

  1. Confidence. Travel agents take care of every aspect of the trip, from flights and hotels to ground transportation and excursions. Essential new steps and procedures must be implemented to enhance hygiene protocols, comply with physical distancing requirements, and to feel confident that health is not being put at risk.
  2. Better Value for money. Sometimes, spending hours on the computer searching for the best travel deals gets you results -- and other times, it just leads to frustration. Travel agents can help you to find the best deals. They have access to the most reliable deals and the expertise to get you more for your money. Even if your travel agent charges a fee, the value you receive will be bigger than what you pay for.
  3. Reliable Partners and networks. Professional travel agents are very selective in terms of who they work with and choose to use only hotels, restaurants, ground handlers, and venues that take the well-being of their guests very seriously and meet the expected standards and specifications.  
  4. Customized Itineraries.  Traveling is not as simple as choosing a destination and booking your plane ticket and accommodation. Choosing your itinerary is as important as choosing where to go and where to stay. The travel agent will build, especially for you, the entire trip schedule and program based on your preferences and purpose. Personalizing your tours will guarantee you an exclusive and unique experience.
  5. Peace of Mind. Travel agents do the work for you, saving you valuable time. Booking through a travel agent ensures that you won't be the victim of internet scams or fraud. Most importantly, you will obtain the necessary assistance and support when faced when unprecedented inconveniences. Moreover, travel agents will ensure that whilst enjoying your travel experience, wherever you go or stay, the necessary physical distancing and hygiene guidelines will be adhered to. 
  6. Visa requirements.  A professional travel agent will be aware of the visa requirements as well as the documents and procedures needed before your departure to the required destination. 
  7. Payment. Several travel agents will give you the benefit of delayed payments for your trip costs over time. 
  8. Rebooking and refunds. Your travel agent will also be able to rebook your itinerary or provide you with a refund in the face of any unprecedented circumstances such as natural disasters, flight cancellations, lost luggage, and much more, a lot can happen in a journey. Travel agents act as the traveler’s advocate in the event something goes wrong, helping navigate the challenge of making any necessary itinerary changes. You will deal directly with real people, without bargaining with a hard-to-reach customer service, or be irritated about the automated responses to your queries. During this virus outbreak, the support of the travel agents, was fundamental, particularly because online booking platforms rarely dealt with the matters arising in a professional and efficient manner. 
  9. Special perks. Things like flight upgrades, early check-in or late checkout, and even dining or spa credits onsite are benefits that you may take advantage of if booking with a good travel agent.
  10.  Inspiration. A good agent is passionate about travel and can inspire you to visit destinations you've never thought of or simply get you more excited about your next trip.
  11. Always in the Know. Airlines and airports are engaging with a combination of rules put in place during the pandemic that will make flying different in almost every country. A good travel agent will keep up to date with all government advice and travel alerts moreover will keep in touch with their partners on the ground in each destination if necessary.

The role of a travel consultant is complicated and requires a unique set of skills. For this reason, you need to ensure you contact a professional, reputable and trust worthy agent. Professional travel agents can offer you knowledge, expertise, and a personal touch. That’s why people are coming back to using travel agencies. As soon as travel is possible again and you decide to book a trip, consider calling your committed travel agency and leave the planning to an expert who will be your best travel partner.