A Message from the Founder!

A Message from the Founder!

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Beyond Travelling with Golden Globe Tours!

A dream makes life exciting and purposeful, and founding Golden Globe Tours made it even more exciting and inspiring. Our company has become a leading travel agency in Palestine, always realizing the dream journeys our clients wish for, creating unforgettable trips worked down to the minutest details.

We aim to take you beyond the typical traveling experience and into uniqueness, beyond stress, and into comfort. By trusting us, you will be moving beyond your expectations through a holiday set up to be inspiring, inventive, and perfectly tailored to your needs. We immerse you in the sense and spirit of different cultures with a feast of tranquility and serenity. Every hidden bliss in this world becomes a uniquely inviting destination to discover through us.

How? Through our proven and complete experience, along with our renowned global partners. We can ensure that we will continuously meet your expectations, exceed them, and deliver our services with dedication, excellence, and passion. We do the hard part to travel with ease, style, and confidence.

Our journey in the traveling world has not been easy. But through our devotion and persistence, we have been able to overcome a myriad of challenges. We have expanded our vision by creating new brands and products, always remaining committed to our roots and the concept that a journey is special and unique for each traveler. For more than 20 years, we have catered for our clients’ numerous travel requirements, from competitive, budget-friendly leisure packages, to customized, high-end travel. Whether booking a honeymoon, family vacation, adventure trip, corporate travel, or group tours, we can make them all happen with quality and satisfaction. We can make sure that your trip is simply beyond.

Suhaila Yousef,
Manager & Founder of Golden Globe Tours!