Croatia, Full of Life


Bathed by the Adriatic Sea, this is one of the most successful former Yugoslav republics after their federal pact in the early '90s. Emerging virtually unscathed from the ensuing Balkan War, Croatia grew to become a major industrial country in the region, followed closely by its northern sister, Slovenia. Croatia is virtually a virgin country when it comes to tourism, and as such, many visitors and newcomers find it quite attractive and charming. The country offers budget-friendly accommodation to superb, high-class hotel rooms and apartments. Its capital, Zagreb, is one of the largest in the Balkans, and its European charm is merely appealing.

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Though one of the largest of the Balkan capitals, Zagreb's population is relatively small; rest assured it's by no means a dormant city: nearly every street is flanked by grand Hapsburg-era buildings, stylish cafes, fine restaurants, excellent museums, and an endless array of exciting attractions featuring one-of-a-kind nightlife. There are also many Baroque and Art Nouveau edifices that lend the city a unique charm. Zagreb's main attractions, arguably, are the Ban Jelacic Square (the view at night is extraordinarily breathtaking), the sumptuous Hotel Esplanade (if you're a fan of Agatha Christie, this is your place…), quaint Tkalciceva Street lined with old traditional shops and cafes. Of course, Marshal Tito Square is surrounded by pretty gardens, splendid buildings, and lots of unique European style.


One of the most sought-after tourist destinations of the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik is more of a monument to Balkan heritage…and fun! Having become a UNESCO World Heritage city, Dubrovnik is home to many museums, resorts, cafes, shops, and an unparalleled lifestyle that has lent the town a rather hip profile over many Mediterranean counterparts, the French Riviera. Its yacht-filled harbors, its famed seaside castle walls, Venetian-style Renaissance palaces, dozens of elaborate public gardens, alluring Rio-style beaches, sea resorts (the Adriatic is replete with island-resorts!), and nearby mountains make the city the glittering jewel of The Adriatic. And as if it were not enough, Dubrovnik also hosts the famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival, packed with hundreds of venues such as classical music, opera, theatres, modern music, open-air markets, and all that could further incite the envy of Cote D'Azur! 


Indeed, Split is a city full of an authentic experience of ancient Roman culture. With many excellent beaches and sights to be discovered. It is the second biggest Croatian city. During a walk to the town, you will perceive various structures like Split Peristyle, Piazza, Museum of Split, Golden Gate, besides its Mediterranean atmosphere.


Zadar is a city monument, girdled by historic walls, a treasury of the archaeological and majestic wealth of ancient and medieval times, full of contemporary architectural achievements such as the first Sea Organ in the world. It includes unique accommodation options and numerous marinas to experience. Whichever way you want to reach Zadar, the landscape's natural beauty will not leave you unpleasant.

Best things to do in Croatia

This classic building is the most monumental in Zagreb. The jaw-dropping charm survived one earthquake and many reformations that transformed it into a Gothic style. And the interior is just as surprising as the outside.

It is a superb charming town with many attractive points such as the Dolac market, St Mark Church, the museum of broken relationships, Kamenita Vrata (Stone gate), and the cathedral (Kaptol).

Explore Dubrovnik's Old Town's heart and visit its most significant historical landmarks, including the Franciscan Monastery, D'Onofrio's Fountain, and Orlando's Column. You will feel a great appetite with the options that you will find in this majestic ancient city.

To enjoy the best views of Dubrovnik, indeed, you have to experience a cable car and see a panorama that you will never forget. Dubrovnik's towers and walls, the baked clay tiles of the city's houses, and the evergreen offshore island against the cobalt Adriatic.

Dubrovnik's imperious walls are one of the things that qualified the city for UNESCO listing, and if you watch Game of Thrones, you'll notice several locations.

Croatia offers spotless bays and shingly extents along with the area of its island-dotted coastline, from Rijeka in the north down to Dubrovnik. Among the best beaches, we can recommend the Spiaza beach - Rijeka, Queen's Beach- Zadar, Bačvice beach - Split, Uvala Dubovica- Hvar, Kupari-Dubrovnik.

This beautiful park owns a peninsula viewing the city and is a lovely retreat for foot-weary visitants. Apart from its many rest areas and shelves, the park is notable for its towering pine trees, which shelter peaceful walking trails.

Croatian food is incredible! The traditional Croatian menu is wide and varied because Croatian food has been influenced by flavors and cultures from neighboring countries and nations that ruled Croatian territory throughout history.