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Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent collapse of the Eastern Bloc, many westerners have enjoyed exploring the many little charming cities, picturesque villages, and imposing mountains skirted by thick Grimm-Brothers' forests. Such an example is Bulgaria, which encloses the grandeur of its past and an unforgettable landscape and several Black Sea beaches frequented by thousands every summer.

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Once a relatively untouched place by foreign visitors from outside the Warsaw bloc, and despite being compact, Sofia is nevertheless a charming place lined with many cobbled streets flanked by Belle Époque rococo buildings, cafes, pubs, fine restaurants, enchanting gardens, and vibrant nightlife. Many of the city's landmarks are within walking distance, an advantage many travelers favor. There's, for instance, the striking Alexander Nevski Cathedral and the city's vibrant center—the impressive Vitosha Boulevard strewn with hundreds of charming cafes, fine restaurants, and trendy shops all under the watch of imposing Mount Vitosha.


Like Sofia, the city beats with vibrant life, and more so as it is the leading summer destination of many Eastern and Western European travelers. Varna is Bulgaria's primary port city and a beach resort at the Black Sea's shores, with many high-end hotels and exciting attractions flanking its pretty seaside boulevards.

Best things to do in Bulgaria

In the heart of the stunning Sofia, you will find the iconic symbol of Bulgaria. The cathedral has a decadent 45-meter high, gold-plated dome. Inside, you can walk among the many elaborate mosaics, important murals, and depictions of saints and angels; massive chandeliers hang low, and the solid wood of the altar and pews is carefully trimmed.

Close to the village of Krushuna, you will find a green forested landscape among the many rock formations, and there are the Krushuna Falls. 
It is a deep cave where the waterfall falls – the spring is assumed to make health benefits and is a great spot to enjoy.

Full of golden beaches, the perfect place to visit if you want to spend a few days relaxing in the sunshine and exploring the surrounding area along with its lively nightlife.

For the lovers of ancient places, this is an extraordinary sight to see; ruins remains of over 400 houses and countless churches. Indeed, you will enjoy its panoramic views while walking climb the old walls in peace.

Nessebar is a charming old town with an open-air museum crammed with pretty squares, churches, and cobbled streets. You will enjoy the walls and monuments from the Roman and Byzantine eras in this exciting town.