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Care for a cup of tea? The real place for it. Sri Lanka has always attracted travelers for its natural beauty and economical budget tourist attractions, even some considered high-end and pocket friendly. Sri Lanka offers beautiful beaches and marvelous natural landscapes inland, from dense forests teeming with wildlife like elephants and leopards to towering mountain ranges skirted by picturesque tea plantations. 

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The country's capital and largest city are where all starts: cuisine, culture, and travel into the heart of alluring resorts like Bandarawela and Negombo. You can also affect a visit to Wilpattu National Park to see elephants, leopards, and one of the island's most endemic animals—the sloth bear. East takes you to the town of Kataragama with its magnificent temples. South is where nature is most abundant—Sinharaja, a unique tropical forest where tourists lose themselves in pure air at the sound of exotic birds. 


Nowhere else other than Kandy can you find a city whose center is composed of a beautiful lake surrounded by a canvas of mountains and rainforests on its peripheries. The city is also famous for sacred Buddhist sites, including the Temple of the Tooth, which is celebrated with the annual grand procession of Esala Perahera. It's encircled by mountains, which are home to tea plantations and various rainforests. Kandy is a place to enjoy the Sinhalese culture, especially if you can visit during the summer's Esala Perahera festival.  


Negombo is the place to be if you're looking for some cheap beer and late nights. Its beaches are rather shabby compared to other beaches to the south, but they are one of the liveliest places around the coast. The town of Negombo is a beautiful depiction of Sri Lankan life, with a vibrant fish market, a touch of quaint colonial charm, and hundreds of colorful wooden boats. The city has come to be of interest due to its proximity to the airport, making it an ultimate first or last destination. 


It is the perfect opportunity for some quiet time on the beach. Its beach is divided into two main parts, the northern end, known as a paradise island, a strip of land beautifully laying between the breakers of the Indian ocean and the Bentota lagoon's waters. On the back of Paradise Island, you find the serene Bentota Ganga, which houses Sri Lanka's biggest range of watersports and exciting boat trips up the river. The southern end of the beach is considered one of the most attractive beaches on the island, consisting of a vast stretch of sand juxtaposed with corkscrew palms, dense thickets, and a cluster of top-end hotels villas. The Beaches of Bentota offer you a break from the impromptu cafés, handicraft shops, and hawkers creating a somnolent atmosphere that it can either charm or repel, depending on which way your boat's pointing.

Best things to do in Sri Lanka

This rock-top fortress dates back to the fifth century AD and is one of Sri Lanka's seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has functioned as a royal palace and a Buddhist monastery in its time. Sigiriya is one of the world's oldest landscaped gardens. Three hundred seventy meters above sea-level and 200 meters higher than the jungle below is Sigiriya Rock's top. The fortress comprises abandoned palaces, ponds, waterways, canals, stairs, and walls. 

Udawalawe National Park allows you one of your best chances of observing elephants roaming free. Created to protect the vast Udawalawe Reservoir watershed, this park is home to around 400 pachyderms. It has extensive stretches of grassland and curs jungle, and riverine forest. It is one of the best places to go birdwatching in Sri Lanka.

It is well known as Little England for its old British colonial buildings like the Queen's Cottage and the General's House. Nuwara Eliya is one of many tea plantation areas in Sri Lanka, the country's tea production spot. The site retains numerous natural beauties, like waterfalls, hills, and the towering Pidurutalagala, the most prominent mountain in Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka has a coastline ornament that meriting international reputation as one of the most beautiful beach destinations globally. The island offers a range of landscapes, from rainforests to endless miles of powdery, white-sand beach. The top-rated beaches are The Nilaveli Beach, located in the northeast part of Sri Lanka. Negombo - only an hour from Colombo is a large, luxury resort facing the sea, in front of an area called Brown's Beach. The famous resort town of Bentota, full of spectacular natural beauties and with some rooms and suites overlooking the sea. The Unawatuna beach near the colonial town of Galle is a fantastic city for sightseeing. The Arugam Bay, one of the world's top surf destinations on Sri Lanka's dry south-east coast, a dramatically beautiful place with bright white sand and deep blue water.   Hiriketiya beach with a walk selection of great places to stay. On the south coast is the beach of Mirissa lined by palm trees, while its clear waters and bouncy waves make it ideal for both swimming and surfing. You will wonder about which of these warm stretches of beaches to visit.

Its statues and paintings date back to the 12th Century AD, the most comprehensive temple collection in Sri Lanka. The temple complex has five rooms of different sizes; all rooms have Buddha in a different position, looking calm and peaceful. The temple is built on a black rocky mountain, which toils as a nice contrast with the temple's white walls. Be sure to don't miss the view from the top.

Diyaluma Falls is the 2nd biggest waterfall in Sri Lanka and is the perfect spot for a full day hike adventure.  

In this place that cares for wild orphaned elephants, visitors are handled to scenes of these playful giants bathing in the river, while a lucky few will even get the chance to bottle feed some adorable young ones.