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"Mega" is what this country is all about: it's a megadiverse country in terms of biodiversity, ethnicities, and above all, cultural richness and economy. It is home to hundreds of races, languages, industries, modern infrastructure, and natural landmarks, this Asian giant ranks among the richest, most industrialized high-tech economies of Asia. Malaysia's great rankings are due in part to a wise policy of modernization that has affected all life sectors. Tourism being the most noticeable: millions of visitors flock to see Malaysia's astounding natural wonders ranging from dense forests to white-sanded beaches with crystal-clear waters and mangroves and endless high-end resorts. A burgeoning high-tech medical industry attracts thousands of patients worldwide to undergo plastic surgery or complicated medical procedures that have gained worldwide recognition. 

Popular Destinations

Kuala Lumpur

The sixth most visited place on Earth, and one of Asia's fastest-growing cities, Kuala Lumpur, is home to an immense host of cultural and financial institutions and numerous fantastic tourist sites and high-end resorts, all of which make this city an exciting mega-metropolis. Nowhere in Asia is a city known for its architecture and growth than Kuala Lumpur, with its iconic Petronas Twin Towers, one of the world's tallest. Culture and excitement await tourists at every corner, with colorful markets, street vendors parading traditional souvenirs, and ultra-delicious dishes that form Malaysia's culinary portrait. Visit Merdeka Square with its sumptuous gardens, or Petaling Street and Bukit Bintang—the city's commercial vein lined with countless retailers, restaurants, cafes, and more.


Given the "World Geopark" status by UNESCO, Langkawi is Malaysia's resort island and a place for quality relaxation and nature appreciation, away from Kuala Lumpur's bustling. With white-sand beaches, crystalline waters, high-end resorts, and an extraordinary charm and warmth of locals, Langkawi is one of those little gems in Asia—and the world indeed!—worth visiting as a bucket list destination. A golden sunset against a background of green mountains and calm waters…what else can you get but nothing short than a magnificent work of art—one you can experience!


Penang is a Malaysian Island with a beautiful juxtaposition of the modern and traditional.

It offers a fascinating blend of East and West reflected in its harmonious multiracial populace and well-preserved heritage buildings. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it entices its visitors with its charming coasts and delicious cuisines, which led it to become Malaysia's food capital. 

Tioman Island

A different kind of destination. It is situated on Malaysia's east coast, closed to Singapore. It is primarily known for its incredible diving and snorkeling possibilities. There are also fascinating flora and fauna on Tioman. Nature lovers will find the mountainous interior's rugged trails worth exploring in addition to many beautiful white-sand beaches, excellent accommodation options, and culinary varieties. Tioman is a tropical paradise island that might be the ideal spot for your next trip.

Best things to do in Malaysia

It is a pair of skyscraper office buildings in Kuala Lumpur, among the world's tallest buildings. The architecture is postmodern in style and highlights themes found in Islamic art to represent the Muslim majority in Malaysia. The main attraction is the skywalk over the sky bridge that joins them together, and visitors can appreciate the views that spread across Kuala Lumpur and KLCC Park at the base of the towers.

Melaka was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008. It is a culturally rich city due to its numerous historical sites. You will find exciting architecture as it was formerly colonized by the Portuguese and features several red varnish buildings from the period, such as Christ Church. Malacca also has a high concentration of museums and galleries and is well known for its great food. You will find places to eat; experts claim the best local dishes in Malaysia originate from Malacca.

The resort is a popular destination to visit from Kuala Lumpur, including a wide range of attractions. You will enjoy its theme parks, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, as well as its impressive cable car known as the Genting Skyway, which previously held the title of the world's fastest and South East Asia's most extended gondola lift. Due to its location, they are also several fruit and vegetable farms for visitors to explore, that you will pick fresh produce.

Located near the Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's National Mosque is also named the 'Masjid Negara.' It comprises over 13 acres of land, and this mosque can hold a minimum of 15,000 human beings. It is a focal spot of the Muslim community in Kuala Lumpur and is assumed to be created to signify Malaysia's independence. 

The Cameron Highlands has been among the favorite places for tourists. Since the British surveyor William Cameron discovered it in 1885, it has grown as a tourist hotspot. The highlands range in altitude from approximately 1100 meters to 1800 meters, offering a comfortable and fresher climate. Today many visitors flock to the area to enjoy outdoor activities such as tea and coffee plantation tours and fruit picking at many different fruit farms. Besides, travelers appreciate the cooler weather and opportunities to go hiking.

It is located only 13km from downtown Kuala Lumpur and easy to get there. There are four main attractions at Batu Caves: Temple Cave (or Cathedral Cave), accessed by a steep flight of 272 steps. Dark Cave, Cave Villa, and Ramayana Cave. Besides visiting the caves to admire, travelers can also encounter the local flora and fauna including wild monkeys that dwell in the area.

Malaysia offers incredible sea, sun, and sand to anyone who wants to spend days enjoying spectacular views. Redang it's known for its beautiful scenery and the tremendous underwater environment with stunning white-sand beaches.  Borneo is an excellent destination for jungles, mountain climbing, and scuba diving. It is the third-largest island on the planet, shared between Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.  Rawa Island and the Perhentian Islands also have magnificent beaches to enjoy with various activities. The Langkawi Island best-known beach destination, offers beaches, mountains, rainforests, and wetlands. Here you will find the underwater world aquarium and Oriental Village's cultural shows.

 It is an extraordinary hub of exotic plant species and 15,000 free-flying butterflies. This lovely garden will make you wish you were a garden fairy. 

In addition to Malay and Indian nationals, Malaysia has a sizeable Chinese population, and as such, China Town has developed as a predominantly ethnically Chinese area of the city. Centrally located in and around Petaling Street, the space features a market, Chinese food options, and Chinese cultural attractions such as temples.