With millions of tourists flocking each year, Thailand is Asia’s primary tropical destination where the modern juxtaposes with the old: skyscrapers, trendy shops, upscale neighbourhoods, and an immensely rich culture of Buddhist traditions and a stupendous cuisine.

  • Bangkok:
    The spectacle of traffic jams and golden temples, exotic markets, a continuous buzz and an alluring profile make it the most visited city in Asia. Thailand’s capital and largest city offers travellers anything from budget attractions to superb, first-class enjoyment, and above all, a never-ending string of sights and sites like the  the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Pho and the National Museum where thousands of exquisite collections are housed. Bangkok also offers shopping from an array of touristic outlets pushing silks, handicrafts and counterfeit watches, through home-grown boutiques selling street-wise fashions and stunning contemporary decor, to thronging local markets where half the fun is watching the crowds. 
  • Phuket:
    Thailand’s largest island is a magnet of water-loving, beach relaxing visitors. Many of its beaches are of awesome beauty, with world-renowned resorts offering diving and snorkelling unlike anywhere else. From the main resorts, Ao Patong, Ao Karon and nearby Ao Kata are the by far the best money can buy. Superb seafood, swimming along dazzling shorelines and lots of exciting entertainment are what to expect on this exotic island.