Land of Liszt, imposing palaces, and a dramatically charming countryside of valleys and towering mountains, Hungary has always been a very romantic destination at the heart of Europe. Bordered (conveniently) by Austria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine, Hungary was once part of the mighty Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary which dominated European politics for centuries. And as such, Hungary was not only given pre-eminence in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, but also much attention was devoted to ensuring it received at least an equal part of the cultural and financial wealth which empires entail to have. 

  • Budapest:
    Picture this: you are sitting at a quiet restaurant where you are indulging yourself in the best goulash in town, viewing the tranquil Danube slowly flowing while the evocative melody of a Monti czardas plays in the background...Not a postcard idea, but actually what a selfie could do because it is possible! The centre of Hungarian culture, replete with imposing buildings, and with a tremendous sense of national pride and vivacity, Budapest is one of the most captivating cities in Central Europe. Considered by many amongst the most beautiful in Europe, Budapest is an Alpha global-city packed with dozens of museums, theatres, exquisite parks and grandiose architecture attesting to its pivotal role in having being a previous imperial city. Of the city’s landmarks, Buda Castle dominates the skyline as it perches above a hill overlooking its own splendid reflection on the legendary Danube. Nearby is the city’s famed Chain Bridge, very much reminiscent of Brooklyn Bridge, but far more imposing; and equally imposing are its cafes—the arch-rivals of Vienna’s: the Gerbeaud and New York Palace are some of the city’s finest. And for a delightful afternoon stroll, look no farther than Varosliget, or City Park, and entre through its UNESCO World Heritage gate, Heroes’ Gate. With its beautiful lake, magnificent gardens and Europe’s largest thermal medicinal baths, City Park is one of those rare gems hard to find anywhere else.