Once a war-torn nation and even non-existent on tourist radars, Vietnam today is a country in constant transformation, and luckily for the traveller, towards the new, fun, and enchanting: with so much openness towards market-oriented economics, the country is a mecca for businesses, which of course entails being a magnet for tourist services, amongst them cafes some of which rival the posh establishments in Bangkok and Singapore, shops of all kinds and tastes, green parks; and above all, a unique natural beauty found in the heartland and nowhere else.

  • Ho Chi Minh:
    This is Vietnam’s business and financial powerhouse. Since the drastic economic changes of 1986, this vibrant city has changed from being an icon of a war-torn slum to one of a booming metropolis, rivalling the most cosmopolitan cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur.  Ho Chi Minh is packed with fine restaurants, stylish hotels, swanky bars and clubs, shops crammed with imported luxury goods, and of course, the inevitable landscape of past colonials and indigenous greatness, like French-era buildings juxtaposed with golden pagodas. 
  • The Central Highlands:
    In its interior, Vietnam hides some of Asia’s most spectacular mountain ranges to the north. The central highlands are a marvellous beauty teeming with wildlife, thundering waterfalls, and towering mountains canopied by mist, all rising above a sea of greenery. This is the budget, virgin eco-tourist spot for the adventurous.